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Fidget Wrap - Tiny weighted blankets for newborn photographers. Use code LUCKY30 for 30% off!

Imperfect - Denim Fidget Wrap


Image of Imperfect - Denim Fidget Wrap
  • Image of Imperfect - Denim Fidget Wrap

*This one somehow got double the pellets in a few of the pockets. Not a big deal, just a little heavier and pellets aren't distributed quite as evenly. Actual fidget wrap is not shown in above pictures.

Fidget wrap is a small weighted blanket made from soft denim print flannel. Double layer fabric for an extra soft feel. Blanket is filled with 1.5 lbs of polly pellets in addition to the weight of the fabric. Lots of extra pockets help distribute the weight evenly.
Excellent for holding newborn feet in pose while arms and head are adjusted. Can also be used for warmth and to comfort baby in between poses. Machine wash and dry. Approximately 16"x17"
* Do not leave on for more than a minute or two while getting pose perfected and never leave on baby unattended. Do not put over infant's face or head.
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